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NCHSAA Sudent-Athlete Eligibility FAQ

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NCHSAA Student-Athlete Eligibility


NCHSAA delays start of fall sports until at least September 1 ...

Q1: How does North Carolina’s Reopening K-12 Public Schools Plan B and Plan C affect the NCHSAA Attendance Requirements?
A1: There is no change. A student-athlete must meet the LEA attendance policy during the previous semester at an approved high school. A student must, at the time of any practice and/or game in which he or she participates, be a regularly enrolled member of the school’s student body, according to local policy.
Q2: How has COVID-19 affected the NCHSAA Medical Requirements?
A2: The NC State Board of Education and NCHSAA Board of Directors has extended the validity of any Pre-Participation Examination (PPE) dated on or after March 1, 2019 due to COVID-19, only for 2020-2021.
Q3: How has COVID-19 affected the NCHSAA Scholastic Requirements?
A3: The NC State Board of Education and NCHSAA Board of Directors approved academic eligibility for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, regardless of the school organization pattern, for a student who meets Local Education Agency (LEA)/Charter School promotion standards for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Q4: In order to be eligible in the Spring of 2021, what are the NCHSAA Scholastic Requirements for Fall of 2020?
A4: A student must have passed a minimum load of work during the Fall 2020 Semester to remain or to be eligible for the 2020/2021 Second Semester. A minimum load is defined as five courses in the traditional school schedule, three courses for schools on the “block” format, and six course for the A/B form of block scheduling during what would
traditionally be defined as a semester. Any student, including seniors, must pass that minimum load, even if they need fewer for graduation. Home school students must pass all courses in which he/she is enrolled in the member school.
Note: If NCHSAA sports are delayed because of COVID-19, this rule will apply; therefore, is very important to register for enough classes in the Fall of 2020.
Q5: Can I unenroll my student from an NCHSAA member school to home school the student and the student remain eligible to participate in athletics at an NCHSAA member school?
A5: No. Home school students must have been enrolled in a registered home school for 365 days prior to being eligible in a member school. 
Q6: What is a registered homeschool?
A6: Defined by the North Carolina Department of Administration - Division of Non-Public Education: 
Q7: Can I unenroll my student from an NCHSAA member school so they can attend a non-member school?
A7: Parents may enroll their student(s) wherever they choose; however, if they choose to return to an NCHSAA member school, no student may be approved for a high school contest if he or she has taken part in contests during four separate seasons in that sport. Students may only participate in one season per year, per sport, whether the sport is played in
North Carolina or not. Playing as a member of a private or other non-member school team shall be deemed the same as playing as a member of an NCHSAA member school team. Enforcement of this rule is to begin with entry into ninth grade. 
Q8: Can I unenroll my student from one NCHSAA member school so they can attend a different member school?
A8: Parents may enroll their students wherever they choose; however, the NCHSAA Transfer Policy will apply.
Q9: The Spring 2020 Sports Season was cancelled two weeks in, can student-athletes recoup the season in another year (example: reclassify)?
A9: No. Currently, the NCHSAA Eight Semester Rule states that no student may be eligible to participate at the high school level for a period lasting longer than eight consecutive semesters, beginning with the student’s first entry into ninth grade or an overaged seventh or eighth grade student’s participation on a high school team, whichever occurs first.


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